Saturday, 23 July 2011

Rolls Royce

I was given a 6x6 foot banner and a few strips of bunting from a Rolls Royce event and once again, have made an impractical, unconventional dress.

Sunday, 17 July 2011

Half Full

So a friend of mine runs a club night in manchester and had alot of flyers left spare. So he sent them my way in hope that i could put them to better use than going to the bin men. And here is what i created... i have used a mixture of pleating and layering (as you can see in the second to last picture) as well as making stiff 3d triangular prisms. i love the structure of this dress and the angular silhouette.

Saturday, 16 July 2011

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Friday, 15 July 2011

Ticket Time

So back to using unconventional materials. i had millions of train tickets clogging up my purse, and instead of just throwing them away, i wanted to use them productively. so i proceeded to make a dress... it has a paper mache bodice with a sweetheart neckline and then layers of thousands of train tickets sewed together in strips for the bottom half. its then laced up the back with lengths of thread knotted together.

Texture by Tearing

Here is a dress i have made from...wait for it...material! yes, actual material. However thats about as far as the normality of this dress goes. I have made it from blue silk, tearing and shredding individual strips to create hundreds of loops. i layered the material using both sides, giving it amazing texture with the contrasting shinny and matt side. i made a seperate neck piece which falls into an open back design secured with a tie. This was for a fashion show and it looked great coming down the catwalk, alothough alot of tit tape was needed!

Excuse me while i eat my Shirt.

 Edible clothing... i cant think of anything better. its clear that my designs have an element of impracticability, but i like it that way. Fashions more fun when your worried it may disintegrate off you at any moment. So this is my yummy white shirt. I made it out of rice paper and used polos for buttons. Doing the photoshoot was amusing, i covered my best friend in chocolate sauce and sprinkles and told her to look delicious. 

Harrier Jet

This is another dress i have made useing airfix as my main inspiration. In the pictures the material looks like paper but its actually made from a thick white felt. Ive been experementing with shape and structure and am really happy with the outcome. Each individual piece is cut in the shape of an airfix component, which made this an extreemly time consuming project! (Also made a matching headpiece)

The Airfix Fix

This is a dress i made inspired by airfix (im nothing but an eight year old boy at heart). I created an airfix template from many different models. From this i made a cast in molding dough, then poured liquid latex into it creating an amazing personalized textured material to use for dress making... And this was the end result!

Start Off

So to start off, im not a blogger, and im incredibly out of my depth doing this. But what better way to show off my unusual designs and creations than the www.